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Giarte Outsourcing Performance yearbook 2017 100% Giarte Outsourcing Recommendation score

"Outsourcing Performance 2017:
Solvinity unanimously recommended by its customers"

Organisations that want to outsource their IT operations are advised to orientate themselves through the largest Dutch benchmark study of IT managed services, called Outsourcing Performance (OP). The study by Giarte shows the quality of relationships between client organisations and their service provider, since 2002. Successfully outsourcing IT not only depends on the latest technology or the most innovative solution; it is especially about a good cooperation between all parties that will make the essential difference.

This year Solvinity received the highest possible rating from its customers. Customers are even more satisfied with the cooperation with Solvinity than last year. The complete overview of the results and Giarte’ research method are published in the OP yearbook, along with several interviews, opinions and research articles.

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Outsourcing recommendation score Solvinity

‘Would you recommend Solvinity as a partner for outsourcing?’

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The main conclusions of the Outsourcing Performance benchmark are published in the OP yearbook.

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Giarte Outsourcing Performance yearbook 2017

Customers about Solvinity

“Solvinity delivers a high level of service, is reliable and can move quickly when needed. A very pleasant party to do business with. A good account manager, who knows how our industry works. These are strong points.”

"Never issues, never any downtime. Their cooperation with our other third parties is good."

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